Why should I buy my insurance from a local Mount Vernon Ohio, Insurance agency?

A house fire, a car accident or a medical scare are but a few of many life events that can make a person feel like their world has been upended. During trying times, people need insurance agents who help alleviate emotional and financial stress.

Whether a person is searching for home, vehicle, travel or health insurance, or a bundle of services, a local agency is the best place to buy coverage and get assistance.

We Offer Free Quotes for the Following Types of Insurance:

Car-Auto Insurance 
Off-Road Vehicle-RV-Boat Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Renters Insurance
Farm Insurance
Business Insurance
Life Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance

Personal Service

Frye’s insurance agency is uniquely positioned to provide hands-on assistance. Instead of dealing with a stranger who might be answering from a call center in a completely different area of the world, the person who goes with a local agency deals directly or over-the-phone with an experienced agent he has likely met before or even possibly knows through shared social circles.

As a result, he’s more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable during difficult times — especially if he has an insurance-related incident while in another state or country. Additionally, he doesn’t have to worry about language barriers that can occur when dealing with long-distance call centers. Clearer communication equals faster service.

Community Investment

As part of the community, Frye’s insurance agency is more invested in the community than a non-regional agency. Local agents don’t just help their neighbors because it’s their jobs. They provide better service because their customers are their family, friends and neighbors. A local agency is more likely to go above and beyond to get a customer the assistance he needs because its agents can relate to the customer’s life and problem.

Frye’s insurance agency is also better equipped to understand and relate to events that happen locally and contribute to insurance-related situations. We also give back to the communities by volunteering time and money through charitable contributions and business taxes.

Local Discounts

When a person buys insurance online, or through a national agency that has no local representation, he is typically offered premium rates based on national insurance contract price averages. Frye’s insurance agency can often offer a discounted rate that takes into account local averages.

Additionally, Frye’s insurance agency can offer special discounts based on state rules and laws. For example, a local agent can usually offer a better rate for meeting a state driving law requirement that affects vehicle insurance coverage. Many local agencies also partner with other businesses. As a result, they share discounts for other local products and services.